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teen phone sex toddi

888-448-8449- EXT: 600
2.00 per minute / 5 minute minimum

teen phone sex toddi

I learned at a young age what guys like. They like HOT girls and young, sweet pussy. Sure most of you guys are married or have a GF but that just makes you want me more. I'm your forbidden fruit, your dirty little secret. You like when I call you "Daddy"!

You see, I'm what keeps your marriage together. If it wasn't for me you would be getting the same, old pussy night after night.

Lately I have noticed that you want me even more. In fact it's almost as if your addicted. You don't go straight home anymore, you come see me first and you seem to stay later. You stop by before work and call me on your lunch hour. You bring me gifts and pay my bills and I know need me, don't you

You don't want her anymore, it's only me that satisfies you.....

Ready to get super dirty? I have no taboos or limits.....let's do this!

Call me for: Age play, Role play, Teen phone sex, Teen pussy, Big titties, Daddy daughter fun, Incest, Accomplice, Watersports and so much more!

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